Lip Care Is More Important Than You Think

Michael Caine
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Lip care is delicate yet important. Lips can become cracked and dry and sometimes it is because of extreme temperatures. Our skin has sebaceous glands to produce oils and open up into hair follicles and look after our skin however lips don’t have these glands. Due to the lack of oils, this leads to dry lips which why lip care is so important. 


Lips can become dry extremely quick, and some experts have said that licking your lips actually makes them dry even faster. So, the best way to keep your lips hydrated is to apply a lip balm throughout the day. Lipstick palm is good for keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated. 


We hear about exfoliating your face and skin to keep it clean but never about your lips. However, exfoliating your lips can help get rid of the dryness and remove flaky skin around the lips. You can use exfoliating scrub and rub it over your lips and then rinse well with water and dry. Homemade lip scrubs can also be made healthily just for you. 

Things to avoid

In order to maintain healthy lips, there are certain things you need to avoid as well. For once, avoid smoking because the chemicals can make your lips look darker or wrinkled and ruin the health of your lips. Additionally, smoking is simply just bad for your body as it destroys your lungs overtime and shortens the human lifespan. 

You should also take off makeup before going to bed because leaving it on can ruin your lips. It is recommended to remove makeup on your face before sleeping and it’s just the same for your lips as well. 

Avoid biting your lips. Some people have a habit of biting their lips when they’re nervous, anxious, or bored and it builds into a bad habit, but this can really ruin your lips. Moreover, avoid constant direct sun exposure to your lips. 

Some have said bottom lips are a common area for skin cancers to develop although more research is needed for this, but it’s better to avoid this altogether by applies lip products that include sunscreen, as you would protect the rest of your skin from the sun as well. 

It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking water as well. Just like how the skin requires water to stay healthy, the lips are more or less the same. Eat healthily and get enough vitamins such as vitamin E which is good to promote lip care. And always reapply your lip balm to make sure your lips are well looked after. 

Although these are just a few tips, if your lips turn into a worse condition than the normal drying out or flaking, make sure to check with a doctor. Lips are highly sensitive, they can get damaged easily through rough conditions such as spicy food or extreme temperatures so just like how we look after the rest of our skin and our faces, we must also look after our lips in a similar manner. 

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