Development of a Successful Personal Fitness Program

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To feel better about yourself by getting into proper shape, a fitness program is as necessary as taking a breath. It helps you to get relaxed and feel peace physically and mentally as well. It’s important to make and follow a fitness plan to stay in shape and feel active. Here we will discuss the importance, need and way to develop a personal fitness program.

Physical Fitness:

Physical activity is essential in our daily life. People who have no physical activity in their routine are more likely to be victims of obesity, blood pressure and other types of physical illness. In addition to that, physical activity boosts physical fitness and it improves your mental well-being too. Physical fitness lessens the chance of getting ill and it helps you in losing weight, sleeping better, staying active, etc. If you don’t already follow a fitness program or any physical activity, here are a few things to consider. You need to keep a few important points in mind that will help you to develop your personal fitness program.


Physical exercise is a must when it comes to fitness. But before doing any exercise, here are some important points that you need to consider. These points will help you to understand the current level of your fitness. So before starting any exercise, you need to have these measures:

  • What is your current weight?
  • Where are you lacking in daily routine regarding your physical activity?
  • How many sit-ups in one minute are easy for you to do?
  • How much time in a day you sit and work, without any physical movement?
  • If you have to cover one mile, how much time will it take?
  • What is your heart rate before as well as after walking one mile?

Some other important things in developing your personal fitness program are related to general concerns. Such as your age, gender, medical record or any past injury. Keeping in view the record of past injuries or any current muscle/bone disturbance, it becomes easy to decide for plan. According to this information, it’s decided either any injury/medical issue prevents you to participate in a certain physical activity.

Goal Setting:

Setting your goals has the utmost importance. You need to decide why you want to get indulged in a personal fitness plan? What type of results you want to achieve through this? Either you want to lose weight or overcome obesity? Do you want to get into proper shape? Whatever your answer is, you need to consider that. Because these answers will help you to outline your goal.

An important thing is that your goal should be realistic. It’s completely OK to get start with something new. Something that you have never done before. Something that you know you will take along. But if you set some outrageous goals, you may feel that these goals are too difficult to achieve. This feeling will discourage you and result into lack of motivation. Eventually, you will face trouble in following your personal fitness program. So, set some realistic and feasible goals. These should be the one that you can attain. Over the time, you can modify your goals by incorporating certain changes into your plan.

Choose the Right Equipment:

According to a dissertation help firm, once you decide what type of fitness plan you will follow, now it’s time to go for the suitable equipment. The choice of the equipment depends on the type of exercise you follow. For example, if you decide to start walking or jogging, there is an utmost need to buy a good pair of shoes. A pair of comfortable joggers can address this issue of feet ache and ankle muscles when you start waking. Because your body is not used to of walking or running already, it will take so time to get used to it. If you consider cycling or biking, you will need some good wheels for an uninterrupted cycling session. If you decide to go for surfing, you will need a board for smooth surfing and o have a good start with it.

Personal fitness program needs focus and a bit amount of money as well. Because when it comes to get the right gear, it can be a little expensive process. It includes proper size, shape as well as the demands for a certain activity level. Borrowed equipment can’t go for long and used ones may not be that much worthy as newly purchased ones are. You can acquire right equipment as per your choice when you feel yourself ready for taking the financial plunge. Before getting done with deciding your personal fitness program, consider those activities that you like to do. For example, if you like to walk, add it into your program. Here are a few examples of personal fitness program that you can modify according to your requirement. You can have other fitness plans other than these, according to your own choice and requirement.

Fitness Program 1:

  1. You can keep a hand on Yoga that should not be less than 3 times a week for achieving the fitness goals.
  2. 30 minute per sessions for brisk walking can be specified. 3 times a week work will do a good job.
  3. Stretching of muscle by weight training 2 times in a week is good. Keeping in view that the session will be comprised of 10-15 minutes.

Fitness Program 2:

  1. Meditation 3 times in a week is good for your health.
  2. You can take aerobics classes 3 times in a week and for this, 10-15 minutes are for stretching. After that, one aerobic session should not less than of 50 minutes in total.
  3. You can train all muscle groups in a session. Each weight training session should be 2 times in a week.

Fitness Program 3:

  1. You can incorporate mountain biking in your personal fitness program. 2 times in a week will be great. But keep it in mind that each session should not be less than the time period of 1 hour.
  2. A session of relaxing walk for 45 minutes is good for you. You need to do it 3 times in a week.
  3. Weight training sessions 3 times in a week are good. Stretching for 10 to 15 minutes followed by training all muscle groups in each session can be beneficial.


Keeping your body in a shape and being physically as well as mentally fit are a human’s needs. If you’re not following a fitness plan or you feel difficulty to follow the one, you can make your own. You can incorporate physical activities of your choice into your personal fitness program to get into shape and feel fit. This way, physical activities will no longer be difficult to do.

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