Deep Tissue Body Massage Benefits and Techniques

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Massage is itself a healer giving you the feeling of heals, relax, and revive. Deep tissue body massage is a great way to get rid of all the problems you have either new or from years. If you are facing muscle sore or fatigues issue this is something to must try to spend a healthy and happy life. It helps you to make your pain and issue an experience giving you youthful life.

Deep tissue body massage is best suited for the people included:

  1. Athletes
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. People with injury
  4. Runners
  5. People with lower back pain

This body massage targets the:

  1. Tendon
  2. Muscles
  3. Fascia/dense connective tissues

It could be a bit painful experience due to more pressure. To treat the issue therapist will apply pressure in the deep and deep layer of muscles, applying more pressure to reach the targeted area by using various deep tissue body massage techniques including fist, fingers, and sometimes even elbow to reach down the targeted injured area.

Deep tissue body massage benefits

In deep tissue massage, you will need to discuss every single detail about the injury with your therapist. A deep tissue body massage can be a full body massage or targeted area massage depending upon your requirements. This massage also starts as a normal massage to warm up your body and then the therapist will target your problematic area. They will use fingers, knuckles, and elbows to exert pressure for the massaging purpose

1.      Muscles rehabilitation

Have you ever wondered why athletes get so many massages? Because this is the best way to cope up with the injuries by massaging using different techniques and pressure to reduce the pain. Injured/stressed muscle inhibits the movement of oxygen and nutrients to flow throughout the body, but this massage helps in relaxing the muscle making the movement of oxygen and nutrients possible again.

2.      Arthritis symptoms reduction

To ease the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, mobility issue, and sleeplessness can be treated with a deep tissue body massage.  Deep tissue body massage benefits people with sleep issues due to arthritis pain keeping them awake.

3.      Better injury improvement

For people who are facing injury pain, deep tissue body massage benefits them by facilitating the movement of the toxins from the injured muscle lowering the pain associated with stretched or twisted muscle. Many athletes are incorporating deep tissue body massage into their recuperation protocols, as they can assist delay the onset of muscle soreness, assist with muscle fatigue, and prevent injuries.

4.      Ease in labor and delivery pain

Prenatal massages are a great way to give the feeling of relaxation and to reduce pain during pregnancy. Deep tissue body massage benefits the women during labor as well by controlling the pain to some extent. With the massage cortisol level increases in women minimizing the symptoms of leg pain, depression, anxiety, and back pain during pregnancy.

Women who get massages throughout pregnancy experience less pain during labor as compared to those who did not get any message and it also shortens the labor in the female with regular, it is advised to get the messages during pregnancy to get comfort and to ease the pain.

5.      Reduction in stress

Deep tissue body massage benefits the people who are experiencing stress related to office work or from work at home. We are all familiar with the corona situation and the stress related to it. This whole situation was very stressful for the people and people went into depression. Body massages are the best way to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Massage increases the level of oxytocin; hormones producing a soothing effect in the body. For tight or stiff muscles, shoulder tension, headaches, this massage is the best to relax the body.

Deep tissue body massage techniques

There are various benefits you can get from this massage, muscles can be relaxed and rehabilitation of injured muscles is a common advantage of the deep tissue body technique. This type of treatment is used to release the symptoms of shoulder pain, muscles aching, chronic pain in any body part, lower and upper back pain, and neck.

1.      Cross fiber friction

There are several procedures to be done to get to know the correct structure before starting the therapy. Any kind of oil, lotions, and moisturizers should not be used during cross-fiber friction. As your muscle mass begins to restore, and any infection or discomfort lessens, the need for more cross-fiber friction diminishes.

2.      Active release technique (A.R.T.)

A soft tissue method focusing on relieving tension in tissues via fibrosis removal, developed in tissue due to excessive use or overload. Examination and treatment both are combined in A.R.T. In this technique muscles development, nerves, tendons, and ligaments are accessed by using hands. It is always advised to get the treatment on time to avoid any kind of issue such as numbness, aching, burning, tingling, and weakness later.

3.      Trigger point therapy massage

Trigger point therapy massage is a kind of manual therapy focus on detecting the issue and helping in releasing trigger points. The patient can feel the symptom of relief right after one therapy.

4.      Myofascial release therapy

Therapists use this technique without oils or creams. They hit upon obstacles in the fascia and muscular tissues and observe proper pressure to release them.


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