Tips To Prevent Piles or Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids can be treated in a number of ways. However, there are some simple methods & Tips to prevent Hemorrhoids with the help of which you can altogether avoid developing this disease also known as Piles.  Looking for the best Piles Doctor in Kolkata, Contact us now.

Piles are enlarged and inflamed venous cushions in the anal canal which can lead to bleeding/ itching/ mass protruding through the anus.

Simple tips to prevent hemorrhoids include:-

Attend Nature’s Call

A common practice which many people are used to is delaying the urge to go to washroom. Although, If you ignore or delay using the washroom; it may result in constipation which is one of the most important causes of Hemorrhoids.

Avoid Straining

This is another common habit which we tend to do at times. Eventually, straining while passing stools may result in increased pressure on the venous cushions in the anal canal which in turn may lead to Hemorrhoids.

Thus, in case you are facing difficulty in clearing your bowels, avoid straining.

It will only make things worse.

Reassess Your Diet

Tips to prevent HemorrhoidsAs already stated, constipation is one of the most important reasons behind Piles.

Stool, which is hard in consistency while invariably lead to constipation, which in turn will cause you to strain while passing stools.

The best way to avoid constipation is to alter your diet in a way that would result the bowel content to become soft so that it can easily pass through.

Diet rich in fibres, fruits and vegetables is of utmost importance in preventing constipation and Piles. Animal protein intake should be limited.

Along with these, drink a sufficient amount of water daily to prevent dehydration as well as constipation.

Change Your Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle leads to the gradual slowing down of the gastrointestinal tract which will result in constipation and piles.

Adopting an active lifestyle and including moderate exercise as a part of one’s daily routine will invariably result in a positive change in the health of an individual.

Exercising consistently will not only improve the peristaltic activity of the bowels; However, will also have a positive impact on the overall improvement in one’s health.

These are six self-help suggestions to help ease hemorrhoid pains and promote healing.

Get more fiber. It is important to eat fiber. This is best done using Foods that aid hemorrhoids. Eventually, Some people need to take a fiber supplement to obtain 20-30 grams of fiber daily. You can start by taking a Metamucil or another generic psyllium fiber supplement. Try psyllium husk fiber supplements containing wheat dextrin and methylcellulose if you experience gas or bloating.

The process should be lubricated. A tablespoon of mineral oil mixed with yogurt or applesauce can help stool slide past hemorrhoids easier. This should not be done for too long. However, to absorb any oil leaking from your underwear, place a liner on your pants if you do try it.

Don’t delay. If you feel the need to go, do it immediately. Refusing bowel movements can lead to constipation that can then be worsened, which can lead to hemorrhoids.

Elevate. Sitting on the toilet and elevating your feet with a stool may help you to pass stools more easily.

Off-the-shelf remedies. There are many over-the-counter remedies for hemorhoids. These include soothing creams and pads infused with witch hazel, such as Preparation H or its generic counterparts. These may not work. Ask your doctor for prescription preparations.

Place your feet on a sitz. Sitz baths can provide relief. Eventually, use a basin that can fit under your toilet seat to soak the affected area in warm water for 10-15 minutes, twice daily.

See Your Doctor

Tips to prevent HemorrhoidsIn case your symptoms do not appear to decrease, please visit the best Piles doctor at the earliest.

You will need a thorough evaluation by the best Piles specialist in Kolkata and the appropriate treatment course can be suggested only after a complete assessment.

Laser Treatment Advantages:

According to the present theory, this is the most advanced technology to be totally cured of Piles or hemorrhoids. And the advantages of the laser treatment are as below:

  • Completely Painless/ Bloodless
  • One day Activity
  • Same-day discharge
  • No cuts/ no wounds
  • 15-30 Minutes Procedure
  • Resume start in 48 to 72 hours

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