The Pregnancy Life: Choosing Pilates

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If you are pregnant, and your doctor has advised you to attain exercise and movements, then Pilates are the way to go! Pilates is known to have several hidden benefits towards pregnant women, especially because pregnancy can often put a strain on your muscle, and ensuring its steadiness helps you maintain a healthy and physically fit pregnancy.  

Alongside the physical aspect of your body, it also benefits your mental state a great deal, by allowing you to feel a sense of connection between your mind and body. If you’re still confused as to whether or not following Pilates during your course of pregnancy is good for you, then keep reading in order to get a better understanding about it. 

Difference between pregnancy Pilates and regular Pilates

The centre of gravity in you is known to constantly shift during pregnancy. This means that it’s important to focus on your abdominal muscle as much and still focus on the other core muscles in order to provide you with proper sense of balance and posture. Parental Pilates often ensure the safety of you and your baby while still providing the greatest possible benefits in the easiest ways possible. 

Certain stretches and moves that you’ll find in regular Pilates won’t be there due to the impossibility of doing it as well as the risk of hurting yourself and the baby. Therefore, following the safe and sound methods of pregnancy Pilates still ensures proper mobility and focuses in improving your core strength and flexibility. 

Benefits of doing Pilates during pregnancy 

Pregnancy often comes with several symptoms such as back pains, imbalance, joint pains etc. Having a perfect Pilates plan according to your pregnancy can help rid and ease a lot of such situations. Pilates can provide a sense of stability, which every pregnant woman tends to require due to the presence of a growing baby. It also helps you feel calm and collected with the presence of healthy breathing patterns. Focusing on strengthening your core is important in order to breaks the pain related barriers that pregnancy comes with! 

Safety and timing

When it comes to safety, you need to ensure that the necessary changes and modifications are made every step of the way, especially as each trimester begins. This helps you avoid taking any chances or risks in conducting Pilates during the presence of pregnancy related complications. 

Every pregnancy has its own limits to certain activities. Therefore, ensure that you focus on your body’s limits and work accordingly rather than pushing it to do something it may not bear. During pregnancy, everyday can be different, and conducting your Pilates in coordination with your body can help you achieve the right amount you need. 

Last but not the least, while Pilates during your postnatal period focuses on providing you the strength and balance you need to withhold the pregnancy weight and while giving birth, postnatal pregnancy focuses more on helping you recover post-partum. Each stage has its own movements in order to continue providing the best for your body and mind. 

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