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Michael Caine
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When we hear the phrase ‘stay fit’ or ‘work out’ there are usually two types of reactions. For those who love exercising and staying in shape these phrases probably bring a smile to their faces or the heart eyes emoji. 

However, in contrary to that to some anything to do with lifting a bone in their body can be the worst thing they have heard. Those who work out continually do in fact crave it, to the extent that it becomes a passion and a driving force and more importantly a hobby. 

Staying fit is something that we should all inculcated in our lifestyles, however much we may think we do not need it? You do not have to become a gym enthusiast but there are ways to exercise that could actually be pleasant and motivating. The key factor is to find a way to exercise and enjoy it. Here are some easy ways to stay fit that are effective and enjoyable. 


If you are not a runner, you will find running one of the most annoying forms of exercising. The cardio going into it is way too much for you to handle. So how about cycling instead. To start off you can cycle on a straight road or part something that does not require too much effort. Once you are used to it and more importantly enjoying it trying smaller hills or longer routes. Cycling is probably one of the best ways to burn carbs and also improve muscle tone and stamina. Leg day is every day?

Dance or spin class

Any type of class that requires you to move around is a good start. This form of exercise is not only effective to the body but also helps with social skills as it gives you a chance to meet with others. Unlike a gym where you can focus on a certain part of the body, these types of classes help to tone overall muscles. Help with flexibility and improve a skill. Dance can be relaxing and is very enjoyable even if you are a beginner. 


We cannot forget the dear old friend the gym. Whether you are focused on getting a 6 pack or simply want to tone up a gym is the ideal place to do so as the machines are catered to your every need. If you require motivation try investing in some cool gym clothes from FKN Gym wear. They can make you feel like fire when walking in to your gym. 

Try a sport

The best and trusted way to stay fit is to play a sport. There are plenty of team sports that are fun and enjoyable to play together. It provides loads of cardio and even a good laugh when meeting up with your buds, we all know we could use a good laugh these days. The mix of exercise and happiness from playing can be a huge stress reliever and mood fixer that can help improve your health and attitude too. 

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