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These sweet potato biscuits have been a top choice at our home for quite a long time. The first formula called for milk and sugar, and keeping in mind that the additional milk makes the biscuits a bit fluffier, I incline toward simply utilizing additional sweet potato.

They are exceptionally easy to make and a great expansion to any fall feast. What’s more, since it is time since we’ve been reaping our sweet potatoes the previous few weeks, these biscuits have graced our table commonly!


•          All-reason flour: I incline toward an extra-fine delicate winter wheat flour. This low-protein, low-gluten flour gives Southern buttermilk biscuits that totally fresh outwardly, light within surface.

•          Baking powder and heating pop: the raising that helps the biscuits rise.

•          Kosher salt: features the flavors in the biscuits.

•          Sugar: barely enough for a bit of sweetness, or add more for sweeter biscuits.

•          Butter: for incredible flavor! Ensure that it’s freezing (or frozen).

•          Shortening: for puff! Keep this freezing, as well!

•          Buttermilk: for its corrosiveness, just as its fat and fluid substance. Ensure that it’s virus prior to adding it to the batter!

•          Mashed Sweet Potatoes: add flavor, unobtrusive sweetness, and body to the biscuits.

Stage 1: Filter DRY Fixings

In an enormous bowl, filter together the flour, heating powder, preparing pop, salt and sugar.


Utilize a baked good shaper, two forks or a food processor to cut the margarine, shortening and squashed sweet potato into the dry fixings until totally joined. You will in any case see bits of margarine and shortening all through, which is acceptable!


Progressively add the buttermilk, mixing with a wooden spoon until a mixture structures. The aggregate sum of buttermilk that you need will differ contingent upon how much dampness is in your sweet potatoes, so gather it gradually and stop when the mixture comes into a single unit. In the event that the batter feels too wet, simply add some additional flour.


Turn the batter onto a daintily floured surface, and massage the mixture for 1 moment (collapsing it over on itself). This cycle will assist with adding those flaky layers to the biscuits. Go ahead and flour your hands, the ledge, and the actual batter, as essential, to forestall staying.

Then, at that point pat the mixture to ¾-inch thickness and utilize a roll shaper to remove adjusts. I like to utilize a 2-inch shaper to make little, tall biscuits, yet you can utilize any size that you like. Mastermind the cut biscuits in a material fixed round cake dish with sides contacting. Brush the tops with a smidgen of dissolved spread (this will assist them with cooking in the stove).

Stage 5: Prepare

Prepare in a 450 degree F stove for 12-16 minutes. The biscuits are done when the tops are brilliant brown and you can see that within layers are cooked through — not sticky or wet. When they emerge from the stove, brush the biscuits with extra liquefied margarine (for incredible flavor), and serve warm!

Could Sweet Potato Biscuits Be Frozen?

Indeed! Biscuits are not difficult to hold up and taste incredible warmed! You can hold up sweet potato biscuits previously or in the wake of preparing – whatever works for you!

To freeze biscuits prior to preparing

•          Follow guidance right until the biscuits are removed.

•          Place on a material line heating sheet and blaze freeze for 60 minutes.

•          Transfer to a cooler pack and return to the cooler.

•          Bake depending on the situation directly from the cooler try to add an extra 4 to 6 minutes to the all out prepare time.

To freeze biscuits subsequent to heating

•          Follow guidelines beneath.

•          Let biscuits cool totally to room temperature.

•          Place biscuits in a cooler safe pack and spot the sack in the cooler.

•          The biscuits will be acceptable in the cooler for around 2 months.

To warm

•          Thaw in the microwave on medium warmth in 15 second spans until warm OR prepare at 300F until warm.

How Long Will The Sweet Potato Biscuits Last?

Biscuits ought to be put away at room temperature for as long as 2 days, inexactly canvassed or in a compartment. You can likewise refrigerate the biscuits for as long as 4 days.

Softened Margarine versus Cold Spread

In my bread roll formula, I have you utilize cold margarine for most extreme flakiness. This buttermilk sweet potato bread roll formula calls for dissolved margarine so it’s much simpler to make. On the off chance that you like to utilize cold margarine you totally can, simply follow the means in my bread roll formula with these tips underneath:

I utilize two strategies peak fuse the margarine into the flour blend.

•          One is to cut the margarine into little pieces, refrigerate or freeze until prepared to utilize, and afterward utilize a cake shaper to cut the spread into the combination when prepared.

•          The second is grinding frozen margarine with a container grater and afterward blending it into the flour combination.

•          Both work extraordinary so utilize the strategy you like. Try not to go too off the deep end here – you need to see little, pea-sized bits of spread all through the mixture.

To hold the spread back from softening by any means, utilize cold buttermilk too.

Tips For The Best Sweet Potato Bread roll Formula:

•          Cold fixings make the best biscuits: Ensure that your sweet potato, buttermilk, and margarine are cold for the best brittle, thick, and flaky biscuits.

•          Place the roll batter in the refrigerator prior to heating: I realize this sounds like an additional progression, however I guarantee you even a short brief time spent in the cooler will have a major effect.

•          How to Keep Biscuits warm for a party: I figure we would all be able to concur that the most ideal approach to serve biscuits is the point at which they are warm. I as of late attempted this technique I found and I thought it was a good thought:

Basically, fill a little size pocket (I utilized a cotton J-Group adornments pocket) with rice. Warmth it in the microwave briefly. Spot the now-warm rice pocket in a bread container fixed with a perfect kitchen fabric and heap on the biscuits on top. Spot another kitchen fabric to keep the warmth inside.


I incline toward utilizing broiled, squashed sweet potatoes for this antiquated formula. The surface of the sweet potatoes is great and they’re not very wet. All things considered, on the off chance that you don’t possess energy for the additional progression of broiling your own potatoes, you can substitute with canned sweet potatoes (depleted, wiped off, and squashed) or with canned sweet potato puree.

To cook your own potatoes at home, preheat the broiler to 425 degrees F. Line a rimmed heating sheet with foil. Punch holes all around the outside of two enormous (or 3 little) sweet potatoes. Spot on the foil-lined preparing sheet and meal until delicate, around 45-an hour. Cut a cut in the highest point of every potato to deliver steam. At the point when adequately cool to deal with, scoop out the tissue and pound to a smooth puree. Chill the squashed sweet potato prior to utilizing it in the roll formula.

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