Dragon’s Well Tea: The Ultimate Guide to Longjing Tea

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Dragon’s Well tea, additionally known as Longjing tea, is a pan-roasted eco-friendly tea from the Zhejiang Province of China. The tea is cultivated in Longjing village in Hangzhou as well as is called one of the first-rate eco-friendly teas in the world. In fact, the tea was once taken into consideration the “tea of the emperors” and it holds a China Famous Tea honor. Here, we’ll study the details of Dragon’s Well tea from its special cultivation area to the best quality kinds, breaking with taste.

What Is Dragon’s Well Tea?

Dragon’s Well tea is a smooth eco-friendly tea characterized by fruity tasting notes. The tea is commonly referred to as having vegetal base notes similar to spinach, improved by other tastes consisting of chestnut and rich lotion.

Dragon’s Well green tea is generally gathered by hand, with special attention paid to accumulating consistent fallen leaves for the highest quality teas. Top notch Dragon’s Well tea is called superior quality and attributes uniformity in regards to the shapes and size of the fallen leaves and additionally demonstrates an inflammation not discovered in reduced top quality blends. The highest quality Dragon’s Well teas mainly come from the West Lake area (Xihu) of Zhejiang.

After harvest, the tea fallen leaves are positioned in a huge frying pan and also pan-fired like numerous other Chinese teas. This heating process stops the fallen leaves from oxidizing, thus permitting them to maintain the rich green shade and also the stability of nutrients. This type of environment-friendly tea includes high quantities of catechins, vitamin C, and also amino acids that provide a range of health and wellness benefits consisting of

Cultivation of Dragon’s Well Tea

The Zhejiang District is defined by large range of mountains, foggy days, considerable rains, and moderate temperatures. Since the weather condition frequently includes cloud cover or hefty fog, this sort of environment-friendly tea is considered a shade-grown tea. Similar to matcha eco-friendly tea as well as sencha, this green tea has higher focus of anti-oxidants and also chlorophyll that increase healthy homes as well as flavor. Along with greater degrees of catechins, polyphenols, and also amino acids, this type of green tea also contains even more caffeine than basic green teas.

Harvesting tea is more complex than simply tweezing a few fallen leaves from the tea plants. Timing, social techniques, and skill are all key to the harvest and cultivation of Dragon’s Well tea. To make sure the best high quality and also flavor, this kind of green tea is gathered in early spring. The finest quality Longjing tea is gathered prior to April 5th when the Qingming event takes place. These teas are referred to as pre-Qingming or Ming Qian. The very early harvest makes sure the tea is made just of the youngest and freshest tea leaves.

Once the tea leaves are gathered, they are heated in huge woks. The most effective top quality– and also most expensive– leaves are baked by hand, with tea masters gently crushing the fallen leaves in the wok until they get to the desired roasting factor. Much more affordable Longjing teas are baked and occasionally even harvested utilizing machines to speed up the process. As soon as completely dry, the fallen leaves are gently squashed as well as folded to release the fragrance.

Sorts of Dragon’s Well Tea

There are 3 primary kinds of Dragon’s Well tea and also 2 additional selections that are sometimes still categorized as Longjing. The initial 3 teas are referred to as Xihu Longjing teas– those that are expanded in the West Lake location. The last 2 are cultivated in the same district, however a different area– Anji as opposed to Xihu– so traditional tea classifiers don’t constantly consider them real Dragon’s Well teas even though they share most of the exact same taste attributes.

Meijiawu Dragon’s Well Tea

Nestled in the hills of Xihu, more than 500 farmers cultivate an elegant kind of Dragon’s Well tea known as Mejiawu. What sets this Longjing tea in addition to others is its rich jade green color. The tea steeps an intense light eco-friendly liquor and provides nutty notes with a gently floral aftertaste.

Shi Feng Longjing Tea

This sort of Dragon’s Well tea is named after the mountain on which its tea leaves are gathered. Shi Feng– or Lion Optimal– is among five big mountains in this region of China. Its light and also unclear climate creates the ideal problems for developing splendid as well as pricey teas. This sort of Longjing tea is the kind traditionally appreciated by emperors and also is thought about the finest quality Dragon’s Well tea. The tea brews right into a light yellow hue as well as has a crisp taste.

Tiger Springtime Dragon’s Well Tea

Tiger Spring is one more well-known green tea from the West Lake region. This loosened leaf tea is grown near the clear, rejuvenating Tiger springtime. It is a pricey Dragon’s Well tea that can be infused many times without a reduction in taste high quality. It often tends to be more mellow than Shi Feng with greater vegetal notes.

Bai Longjing

Bai Longjing is not a real Dragon’s Well tea as it is produced in Anji. Additionally, this kind of tea is in fact made from a special kind of white tea plant, although it is processed as well as marketed as a green tea. The tea boasts a complete body with grassy notes and is extra economical contrasted to real Dragon’s Well teas.

Qiantang Longjing

This sort of Dragon’s Well tea is cultivated beyond the West Lake region and is greatly produced by the preferred Chinese brand Shi, or Lion. It is one of the most prominent Longjing teas as it is much more cost effective for the masses. This sort of eco-friendly tea flaunts nutty aromas as well as an aftertaste that is similar to pleasant, succulent grapes. The tea leaves are an emerald environment-friendly color and also make into a rich green shade when infused in hot water.

Dragon’s Well Tea Developing Tips

For the very best taste, it’s better to utilize loosened fallen leave tea rather than tea bags. That’s since loosened tea tends to be a greater quality than tea bags, which typically only contain the dust and also fannings of tea leaves. Also, see to it to use filtered water or sparkling water rather than tap water for the most authentic taste.

Like most environment-friendly teas, Dragon’s Well tea need to be made at reduced temperature levels than black tea or oolong tea, which can tolerate much more heat. This type of green tea must be made with a water temperature level between 170 as well as 180 levels Fahrenheit (76 to 82 degrees Celsius) For best outcomes, use a temperature-controlled tea kettle to get to the appropriate temperature. If you don’t have one, you can likewise bring water to a simmering boil and after that let it cool for 2 minutes before putting into your teapot for steeping.

Just How to Make Tea:

Begin by washing a gaiwan or teacup with warm water. Swirl the hot water around to warm the mug.

Take 1 tsp of Dragon’s Well loose tea and position them in a tea strainer and embeded in the gaiwan.

Fill the teacup with water around 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let the tea leaves high for 2 to 3 minutes.

Get rid of the tea leaves and also appreciate your favorite!

Dragon’s Well tea leaves can be infused 3 to 5 times before losing flavor. Establish the leaves apart to make several infusions, simply make certain to raise the soaking time with each infusion by about 30 secs.

Feel Like Nobility With a Mug of Dragon Well Tea

Drink like the emperors of centuries gone by with a mug of Longjing tea. Tea drinkers will certainly enjoy the verdant notes, nutty touches, and magnificent eco-friendly colors of Dragon’s Well tea. Connoisseurs will likewise appreciate the split taste account of this Chinese green tea and the rich background of the growing area that makes these authentic and uncommon teas. Include this high-quality tea to your wish-list as well as take pleasure in a cup of environment-friendly tea that is rupturing with flavor and also background.

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