5 Recipes To Make Delicious Oolong Milk Tea

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Oolong tea is a sort of tea that traces its roots back to China. Today, it is generally known as a Taiwanese tea as much of the best-tasting oolongs are grown in that nation. Brewing oolong tea is very easy breezy as well as its moderate flavor account implies it blends quickly with various other teas to produce brand-new flavors.

The flavor of oolong tea drops someplace in between green tea as well as black tea. This sort of true tea is partially oxidized– anywhere from 8 to 80 percent– leading to a large range of flavor profiles. Some are airy as well as fruity while others are rich and nutty. The flavor alternatives are limitless, making oolong tea a fantastic selection of exploring in the cooking area. Here, we’ve put together our preferred oolong milk tea dishes from straightforward as well as basic to indulgent boba blends.

Standard Oolong Milk Tea Recipe

Basic oolong milk tea can be made using tea bags or loosened leaf tea. Loose tea offers a much better flavor as it contains the complete tea leaves which can increase to infuse flavor. Oolong tea bags normally have ground-up fragments of tea leaves and do not use as much taste or as many high quality health advantages. In this dish, we’ve used Milk Oolong, a tea blend that does not contain any kind of milk however provides an abundant, velvety body and elegant flavor. It has a buttery taste and creaminess that is ideal for a basic favorite.


1 tablespoon Milk Oolong

8-10 ounces of water

A sprinkle of almond milk


Bring water to 195 degrees Fahrenheit (90 levels Celsius).

Include the loosened tea leaves to a tea infuser as well as set in your teacup. Put the warm water ahead and high the fallen leaves for 1 to 3 mins. The longer the steeping time, the more powerful the flavor.

Remove the tea leaves and also add a splash of milk. Enjoy!

Raspberry Oolong Bubble Tea.


6 ounces of milk.

6 ounces of water.

1 tablespoon Iron Goddess of Grace or Jin Xuan Oolong loose tea.

2 tbsps pudding pearls.

2 tablespoons fresh raspberries.

Sugar (optional).



Bring water to 190 degrees Fahrenheit (88 levels Celsius) in a tea pot.

Include the tea leaves and steep for 3 minutes.

In a separate frying pan, incorporate 2 mugs of water and also pudding pearls. Prepare on high warmth until the pudding pearls start to float.

Add the raspberries to a high glass and also utilize a wood spoon to delicately crush the berries. Add the tapioca pearls and ice as well as pour the tea focus on top.

End up by adding the milk as well as mix well.

Formosa Oolong & Matcha Environment-friendly Tea Frappuccino.


14 ounces of water.

3 tablespoons Fujian Rain.

1 tablespoon Cup & Leaf Ceremonial Matcha Tea.

1/4 cup condensed milk.

2 mugs ice.


Bring water to 195 levels Fahrenheit (90 levels Celsius) as well as include the Fujian Rainfall tea delegates an infuser. Steep until the water cools down to space temperature level.

Place ice, matcha green tea powder, and compressed milk in a blender.

When the tea concentrate has cooled, put it right into the mixer and mix till smooth. Delight in!

Lavender Earl Grey & Jade Oolong Cream Tea Latte.


8 ounces water.

6 ounces milk (almond milk, dairy milk, or coconut milk).

1 tsp Jade Oolong.

1 tbsp Earl Grey Lavender.

1 tsp brownish sugar.


Bring water and also brownish sugar to 195 degrees (90 degrees Celsius) Fahrenheit in a pot on the oven.

Add the tea entrusts to a tea infuser as well as steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Eliminate the tea leaves and also put the tea into a cup when the steeping time is ended up.

In a small saucepan, bring water to a boil. Utilizing a milk frother or whisk, whip the milk right into a thick foam.

Add the thick foam in addition to the tea concentrate as well as take pleasure in!

Oolong Milk Chai Iced Tea.

Tea drinkers will locate that this chai cold tea is very easy to make thanks to a pre-mixed chai tea mix. If you wish to make this tea from square one, you can use chai flavors such as black pepper, ground ginger, ground cloves, cinnamon, as well as cardamom rather than the chai black tea. Simply ensure to also consist of an Indian black tea such as Darjeeling or Assam to preserve the proper taste.


6 cups water.

2 tablespoons Fujian Rainfall.

2 tablespoons Assam Chai.

4 tbsps compressed milk.

1 cup vaporized milk.

Ice cubes.


Start by blending the compressed milk and also vaporized milk in a huge glass bottle as well as set it in the fridge freezer for 20 minutes.

In the meanwhile, bring water to a simmering boil in a big frying pan.

Area the tea leaves in the warm water utilizing a fine mesh tea filter.

Remove from warmth and let the blend cool to area temperature level. Get rid of the tea leaves as well as discard them.

Get rid of the condensed and also vaporized milk and also utilize a milk frother to whip them right into a thick foam. The milk needs to almost dual in size.

Put the tea concentrate on top of the milk as well as mix well. Appreciate!

Get Creamy, Buttery Taste With These Oolong Milk Tea Recipes.

Whether it’s your first time attempting oolong milk tea or you’re just seeking brand-new methods to brew it, these yummy recipes make sure to help you finish the job. For the best outcomes, make certain to use an excellent oolong tea. Many oolongs from the Fujian Province, high-mountain oolongs, as well as Formosa oolongs are normally an excellent area to begin. As soon as you’ve discovered your preferred oolong, use it in these dishes to extract new tea tastes as well as keep things exciting.

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