5 Benefits of Oolong Tea for a Tasty, Healthy Life

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Wellness Benefits of Oolong Tea

Although Chinese teas are notoriously touted for their medical as well as medicinal buildings, it is just lately that Western physicians have actually taken note and started studying oolong tea benefits.

According to typical Chinese medicine, these are some of the health and wellness advantages of oolong tea:

Develops believing skills

Improves mind function, mental alertness and anxiousness by straight targeting the nerves

Protects against dental cavity

Protects against osteoporosis (lowered bone mineral density).

Decreased risk of creating particular kinds of cancer.

Reduces or prevents heart disease as well as boosts heart wellness.

Decreases discomfort from arthritis.

Promotes weight loss and also decreases excessive weight danger by managing body weight.

Prevents diabetes mellitus.

Decreases atherosclerosis (solidifying of arteries).

Lowers high cholesterol and also high blood pressure.

Boosts skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

Enhances body immune system.

While not all of these benefits have been verified by the scientific study, medical professionals as well as scientists have actually observed that oolong tea does have some health and wellness benefits described listed below.

Oolong tea leaves come from a plant called Camellia sinensis, which has chemical compounds that were observed to reduce threat of a certain type of skin cancer. Scientists additionally found it decreased urinary tract signs.

Weight Loss.

A tiny study released in the Journal of Medical Examination showed that oolong tea better metabolism as well as may help you reduce weight. The researchers examined individuals’ “Relaxing Energy Expenditure” and also “Energy Expense” after consuming oolong tea, green tea, as well as water. It found that people that consumed alcohol oolong tea had a greater REE and also EE than both simple water and eco-friendly tea. This research study suggests that if you are servicing improving your fitness and reducing weight, regular oolong tea intake might assist.

Though oolong tea contains high levels of caffeine, the study located that properties of oolong tea, as opposed to caffeine, promotes fat oxidation, or weight-loss. For this reason, oolong tea is an excellent option for individuals with cardiac issues, nursing moms, or other individuals who can not have large amounts of high levels of caffeine.

Heart problem.

Researchers have actually discovered a relationship between alcohol consumption oolong tea as well as reducing cholesterol degrees: They located that people who consumed alcohol at least 8 ounces of oolong tea daily had lower danger of high overall cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol degrees. The research contained 76,979 people that took in oolong tea everyday for several years.

Researchers also found that drinking oolong tea may avoid cardiovascular troubles in people with kind 2 diabetic issues . Professionals attribute these health advantages to the presence of polyphenols as well as catechins in tea .

In a different research study, scientists discovered that people that consume oolong tea everyday additionally have a lower danger of heart disease in the long-term .


According to the National Cancer Institute, there is insufficient research study to verify that oolong tea decreases an individual’s cancer cells danger. Nonetheless, there are a number of little studies that recommend that oolong tea may inhibit skin, lung, as well as ovarian cancer .

Laboratory and pet studies discovered polyphenol chemicals, which are naturally occurring in oolong teas, might protect cells from DNA damages and possibly prevent lump cell growth. Tea polyphenols may additionally improve the immune system .

While the early study in the efficacy of tea polyphenols is appealing, researchers do not yet recognize how or why it is effective, as well as are not advising tea consumption in cancer cells treatment currently


Researchers have found that drinking oolong tea did not boost blood sugar level levels or insulin degrees. Nonetheless, alcohol consumption oolong tea might reduce the danger of Type 2 diabetes and also avoid diabetes mellitus signs and symptoms.

A tiny, 30-day research study carried out in Japan found that everyday intake of oolong tea lowered the glucose degrees in its participants by as long as 30%. However, a separate study discovered that consumption of caffeine, which is found in oolong tea, additionally decreased sugar degrees in patients with Type 2 diabetic issues. The researchers wrapped up that a larger research study with a larger sampling of individuals need to be carried out .

Cavities and also Tooth Health And Wellness.

Fluoride, a substance included in faucet water in most developed countries, is a normally happening substance in oolong tea leaves. Fluoride aids protect against demineralization of teeth enamel as well as dental caries by renewing the lost calcium as well as phosphorus to keep your teeth hard. Normally taking place fluoride, such as that discovered in oolong tea, may also stop dental caries .

Improves Power.

Oolong tea has an amino acid known as L-theanine. This amino acid aids to inhibit the release of high levels of caffeine, resulting in a longer-lasting energy kick. Because the energy increase is smoother, you don’t need to stress over the highs and lows connected with drinking a conventional mug of coffee .

Consuming oolong tea also assists to free the body of toxins that can cause damage to healthy cells. Oolong tea consists of catechins and also anti-oxidants that help to avoid complimentary radicals from settling . Free radicals are uncharged cells that bind with healthy and balanced cells and also create oxidative anxiety– the body’s kind of corrosion.

Other Feasible Advantages.

While studies are in their preliminary stages (and also therefore unconfirmed), oolong tea has been connected with:.

Much healthier gut bacteria.

Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s condition.

Reduced danger of Parkinson’s disease.

More powerful bones.

Less migraines.

Fewer bouts of sleeplessness.

Reduced blood pressure.

Side Effects of Oolong Tea.

High levels of caffeine Sensitivity.

Oolong tea consists of a modest amount of caffeine that might create issues for people that are sensitive to high levels of caffeine. Oolong tea has 50-75 milligrams of caffeine for each 8 ounce mug. In comparison, a conventional mug of coffee consists of anywhere from 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine for the very same quantity. Drinking too much oolong tea may create negative effects related to caffeine.

High levels of caffeine can cause a variety of problems consisting of stomach upset, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, as well as migraines. Experts advise restricting your high levels of caffeine intake to 400 milligrams per day . That implies you can drink numerous mugs of oolong tea each day without any negative side effects. If you are sensitive to caffeine, alcohol consumption tea might trigger adverse effects a typical private will not experience. Maintain tabs of your caffeine intake and also dial it back if you experience any kind of negative adverse effects.


Specialists advise consuming a maximum of two mugs of oolong tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because most research study reveals limiting high levels of caffeine intake to 200 milligrams is ideal for expectant ladies. Caffeine may cause impatience in babies who nursed and also can cause early distribution as well as reduced birth weights if eaten over while pregnant( 16 ).

Medication Communications.

Do not consume big quantities of oolong tea in combination with energizers. The caffeine in oolong tea may trigger enhanced heart price and also issues when eaten with stimulants.

Oolong tea need to be used with care when taking medications for uneven heartbeat. Avoid drinking oolong tea 24 hours prior to a cardiovascular test as the components might engage with the adenosine offered throughout a heart stress test.

Moreover, drinking oolong tea in addition to prescription antibiotics might create anxieties. Some antibiotics consisting of Cipro and also Trovan decrease the body’s capability to damage down high levels of caffeine.

Iron Absorption.

Compounds in oolong tea might hinder the absorption of iron. Individuals that have iron deficiencies should carefully check their iron degrees under the guidance of a healthcare specialist when eating oolong tea. Try to consume food abundant in vitamin C and do not consume oolong tea at dish times to lower the risk of this side effect.

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