3 Lavender Tea Recipes for A Sweet and Refreshing Summer

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Lavender tea is an exceptionally preferred organic tea. The beverage is recognized for soothing and comforting effects along with a pleasant as well as floral fragrance. Drinking lavender tea is a wonderful method to run away right into a globe of happiness and also succulent flavor.

Make up a cup of hot tea or iced tea with our favorite lavender tea dishes. You’ll find alternatives from classic typical brews to fruity takes as well as spicy undertakings.

What Is Lavender Tea?

Lavender tea is a herbal tea made from the vibrant purple flowers of the lavender plant known by the herb name Lavandula angustifolia. The plant is typically used in aromatherapy to cause calmness and also advertise assurance. Lavender is additionally utilized to help improve signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety as well as stress.

The plant boasts nourishment facts that feature minerals and vitamins vital to human health and wellness. Lavender blossoms contain vitamin An and also calcium, which are advantageous for vision and bones. The plant is likewise low in calories, making it an excellent drink for individuals wanting to handle their weight.

Simple Lavender Tea Dish


1 teaspoon dried lavender blossoms or 2 tsps fresh lavender blossoms

8-10 ounces of water


Lemon for garnish.


Bring water to a rapid boil in a pot on the stove. Alternatively, you can use a temperature-controlled tea pot. Set the dial to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eliminate the boiling water from warmth and include the dried or fresh lavender buds.

Steep for 5 to 10 mins. The taste will raise with longer steeping times.

Utilize a fine mesh strainer to eliminate the flower and put the mixture into a teacup. Include a sugar such as basic syrup or honey as well as garnish with a lemon or lavender sprig. Enjoy!

Chamomile as well as Lavender Eco-friendly Iced Tea Dish.

Active ingredients:.

2 teaspoons Cup & Fallen leave Lavender Eco-friendly Tea.

2 tsps Cup & Fallen leave Egyptian Chamomile Tea.

8 cups of water.

1 mug sliced citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, or limes).



Bring water to a rapid boil in a medium-sized pan on the oven.

Remove from warm as well as include chamomile flowers, green tea leaves, as well as lavender buds to the hot water.

Steep till the water gets to room temperature.

Eliminate the tea leaves and also flowers and pour the combination right into a huge glass bottle. You can utilize a tea infuser like a tea round to help maintain the fallen leaves included for simple elimination.

Include sliced up fruit and also shop in the fridge for 1 to 2 hrs before offering.

Serve in tall glasses loaded with ice cubes. Garnish with a piece of fruit.

Dish Notes:.

You can substitute the eco-friendly tea leaves for another true tea such as Earl Grey or oolong tea. Earl Grey sets perfectly with the citrus fruits considering that it contains bergamot peels.

Iced Lavender Mint Tea.

Cool off in summertime heat whether you remain in California or Asia with these 2 powerful tastes. Lavender assists you relax as well as settle right into the laid back groove of summer season while mint leaves add a rejuvenating high quality to the cold tea.


4 teaspoons loose leaf lavender tea.

1 handful of fresh mint leaves.

8 cups of water.


Mint sprigs for garnish.


Bring water to a rapid boil. Eliminate from heat as well as include the mint leaves as well as lavender petals.

Steep the tea for 5 to 10 mins. If adding sugar like walking cane sugar or brown sugar, include while the water is still warm. Fluid sugars such as honey and also basic syrup can be included later when the water is chilly if desired.

Trendy to room temperature and eliminate the herbs and flowers.

Transfer the blend to a large glass pitcher and also serve over ice. Garnish with one mint sprig as well as enjoy!

Love Laidback Lavender.

We recommend utilizing loosened fallen leave tea as opposed to tea bags since loosened teas typically offer superior flavor. It’s additionally a great suggestion to make use of high-quality lavender tea blends or culinary lavender when developing in the house. You can discover sachets at the regional farmer’s market or grocery store.

Lavender tea is a tasty way to relax and also delight in some tranquility and also leisure. Appreciate the pleasant preference of lavender tea as well as take leisure up a notch by diffusing lavender oil as aromatherapy. The tea is scrumptious brewed as a piping hot drink or as a revitalizing cold tea. With these totally free recipes and also a brief complete time throughout, you’ll be sipping delicious flower tea in no time at all.

Utilize these lavender recipes to serve up cold tea in a glass teapot as well as take pleasure in an aesthetic treat when drinking this lovely tea. Pour on your own a favorite using your own lavender or dried out buds from our tea shop and drink your method to tea paradise.

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