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Boosting dietary fiber as well as taking over-the-counter (OTC) laxatives are traditional treatments for constipation, yet some people additionally select to take supplements.

Irregularity is a common clinical issue. In the USA, individuals make 2.5 million check outs to the doctor for irregular bowel movements every year.

Besides OTC medications, people can try eating foods high in fiber, such as:



whole grains.


While some vitamins and minerals could assist alleviate constipation if an individual has a shortage, others can cause it.

In this article, we explore vitamins and also supplements for bowel irregularity. We take a look at the results of different vitamins on digestive health and wellness.

1. Vitamin C.

The writers of an earlier research study from 2008Trusted Resource observed that children with bowel irregularity had reduced levels of vitamin C, folate, and also magnesium.

These kids likewise consumed lower amounts of nutritional fiber, fruits, and plant foods. Not consuming sufficient fiber can trigger irregularity. Fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber, are frequently high in vitamin C as well.

Some possible side effectsTrusted Source of taking vitamin C include abdominal pain, queasiness, throwing up, as well as looseness of the bowels. The larger the dosage, the more likely it is that an individual might experience these symptoms.

Physicians do not recommend that people take large doses of vitamin C to help them pass feces, but a daily vitamin C supplement may aid.

2. Vitamin D.

Research from 2019Trusted Source located a strong organization between chronic bowel irregularity and also vitamin D shortages.

The individuals with digestive problems that cause irregularity had reduced levels of vitamin D. These searchings for do not suggest that boosting vitamin D will certainly ease irregularity, nevertheless, as the low vitamin D levels may be a consequence of persistent constipation.

Some individuals take vitamin D supplements, particularly if they stay in north nations since sunlight is a vital resource of vitamin D.

3. Vitamin B-12.

Individuals with a vitamin B-12 deficiencyTrusted Resource might experience:.

irregular bowel movements.


weak point.

loss of appetite.

weight management.

While taking vitamin B-12 supplements might not aid those without a deficiency, dealing with the shortage might ease signs and symptoms in those that do.

Groups of individuals that are most in jeopardy of establishing a vitamin B-12 deficiency include individuals with:.

destructive anemia.

inadequate absorption of vitamin B12 from food.

inadequate absorption of vitamin B12 complying with a procedure.


4. Magnesium.

Taking a lot of magnesium supplements can causeTrusted Resource loose stools, looseness of the bowels, nausea, and also cramps. Magnesium has an osmotic effect, which indicates it attracts water into the intestine, which is one of the root causes of loose feceses or diarrhea.

A typical laxative that individuals can purchase the pharmacy is Milk of Magnesia. The main medical component is magnesium hydroxide.

While there is little study to suggest that magnesium supplements can deal with irregularity, of all the supplements noted in this post, it is one of the most typically utilized mineral supplement to address the trouble. It is likely a risk-free alternative to try, as long as a person stays with the suggested dosage.

Vitamins to stay clear of.

Although some vitamins and minerals can help individuals with bowel irregularity, others may create it or make it even worse.


Calcium is necessary for keeping solid bones and also carrying out features in the muscular tissues, heart, mind, as well as various other body systems.

Calcium remains in:.

dairy items.



fish with soft bones, such as canned sardines.

fortified grains, fruit juice, as well as soy and rice milk.

While it is not likely that a person would eat way too much calcium from food alone, those taking supplements might. Way too much calcium can create bowel irregularity.

Some people need to proceed taking calcium supplements, nevertheless. To minimize the danger of bowel irregularity from supplements, doctors advise taking calcium throughout the dayTrusted Resource.

Taking calcium with meals or altering the brand name or type of calcium can sometimes help.


Iron is an additional mineral that can trigger digestive system issuesTrusted Resource if a person is taking supplements.

Way too much iron can also cause:.

black stool.

bowel irregularity.

nausea or vomiting.

stomach discomfort.

throwing up.

To minimize bowel irregularity, people can attempt taking reduced doses initially as well as gradually enhancing their dosage if necessary.

A medical professional may advise taking the iron tablet with food, although some foods lower iron absorption.

When to see a doctor.

If a person is having hard or occasional bowel movements as well as has actually tried increasing dietary fiber as well as taking OTC products, they should talk to their medical professional.

The physician could be able to prescribe more powerful laxatives or suggest various other treatments.

In some cases, frequent or persistent irregularity can be a sign of a hidden condition, so a physician may inquire about an individual’s various other symptoms.

Anyone who requires to take laxatives on a regular basis to pass stool ought to let their physician recognize. Treating irregular bowel movements when it is a sign of one more condition can conceal dangerous indication.

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