Strawberry jam with pectin:

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What’s jam?

Jam is made from portions of fruit, usually chopped or beaten and cooked with sugar until the pectin releases and the combination is thickened to a spreadable consistency. The maximum commonplace end result used to make jam are berries, grapes, and stone fruit. Jam is good for spreading onto toast and filling pastries.

What ingredients do you need to make jam?

1.         Fruit: if you’re jam making for the primary time, it’s best to start with high pectin sorts of fruit like citrus, apples, cranberries, currants, plums, and quince. These fruits will evidently thicken less difficult when cooked with sugar, which is essential for exact effects.

2.         Sugar: besides sweetening the taste, sugar works with the pectin and fruit acids to create the gel texture that suggests a right jam. Sugar additionally acts as a preservative that continues the shade of the fruit and inhibits mildew growth. Low-sugar jams often require introduced pectin to firm up.

3.         Pectin: commercially produced pectin is now and again brought to jam whilst the fruit doesn’t contain sufficient natural pectin of its own. Pectin is a evidently happening substance discovered in berries, apples, and other fruit. While cooked to a high temperature in aggregate with acid and sugar, it bureaucracy right into a gel. Examine extra about pectin, such as suitable substitutes, right here.

What device do you want to make jam?

1.         A heavy-bottomed massive pot or saucepan: the use of a heavy pan maintains the fruit from sizzling over warmth, at the same time as also imparting a bigger surface for evaporation. The key to making jam is decreasing water inside the fruit, supporting it to thicken with the sugar, so a thick-bottomed pot will can help you prepare dinner for an extended length without burning the contents.

2.         Jam jars: use heatproof sealable glass pint jars (easy to sterilize) for storing jam after cooking. Jam has to be hot whilst it is going into its sterilized jar and sealed, otherwise it could end up moldy. Part of the keeping technique is for all the air inside the jam to get away and for the lid to then be sucked down into the vacuum, growing a robust seal.

3.         Heatproof spatula or timber spoon: heatproof cooking utensils don’t quickly warmth to excessive temperatures or chemically react with acidic ingredients as their metallic counterparts do. They do not melt or release chemical compounds into warm food as plastic does.

What end result can you jam?

On the subject of selecting culmination to jam, the sky’s the restrict. You may make fruit jam out of a large variety of fruit:

•          citrus, like oranges and kumquats. Citrus, especially orange, is high in pectin.

•          pome fruit, together with apples and pears. Pome fruit characteristic high stages of pectin.

•          berries, like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Those softer fruits are lower in pectin. Strive chef dominique ansel’s classic strawberry jam recipe right here.

•          stone fruit, like apricot. Apricots are low in pectin and require more sugar to gel.

•          tropical end result, like pineapple and passionfruit. Tropical culmination comprise nearly no pectin; integrate them with excessive-pectin culmination or upload extra sugar to attain preferred consistency.

What’s the difference among jam and jelly?

Jam is made with chunks of fruit with sugar, at the same time as jelly is made from best fruit juice and sugar. You’ll notice a huge distinction in texture, with jam being textured and spoonable in preference to jelly that is clean, company, and clean.

Can you make jam without pectin?

You can make jam without brought pectin two methods:

•          use high pectin fruit, like apples or oranges.

•          combine a low pectin fruit with lemon juice, so the natural pectin from the citrus reacts with the sugar present in the fruit.

In fashionable, barely ripe end result will have higher pectin and require much less sugar than ripe end result with less pectin. You’ll want to feature more sugar to the ripe fruit to help it thicken, and a bit greater lemon juice to balance the sweetness.

4 recommendations for making ideal homemade jam

•          smooth and sterilize your jars. Making sure you easy your jars well will keep the shelf life of the jam and guard your food from spoilage. Sterilize jars with the aid of washing in hot soapy water, rinse, and drain. Vicinity on oven racks and heat at 250°f for 10-15 mins.

•          use the right kind of sugar. Granulated or maintaining sugar is good for making jam. Granulated works nicely with excessive pectin culmination, but maintaining sugar has larger sugar crystals that assist set low-pectin culmination.

•          test the extent of pectin in your fruit. Pectin is determined clearly in fruit and while cooked with sugar, it thickens and units the jam. Citrus fruit, apples, and plums have high pectin tiers. Softer fruits like peaches, cherries, and grapes have decrease levels. To balance out low pectin fruit, either integrate it with high pectin fruit (some squeezes of lemon juice works), or upload commercially made pectin powder. Using barely underripe fruit will have extended pectin degrees.

•          the wrinkle take a look at. The placing factor for jam is 220°f. Take a look at this with a sweet thermometer or strive the “wrinkle check.” earlier than cooking the jam, location a plate inside the freezer. As soon as you suspect your jam is ready, spoon a touch onto the plate. If the floor of the jam wrinkles whilst you nudge it along with your finger, it’s executed.

A way to keep homemade jam

While jam is cooled and stored blanketed in easy jars, it may last as long as a month within the fridge or as much as a yr in the freezer. Canning prolongs the shelf life considerably. If you technique by using canning in a boiling water tub, you may count on up to 2 years of shelf existence when stored in a cool, dry place.

We love strawberry jam, and all it requires to make is a touch time and only a few ingredients. This recipe makes use of pectin however you may additionally make jam the use of simply sugar.


•          four½ cups (553 g) strawberries (clean or frozen)

•          2 tbsp (25 ml) lemon juice

•          1 package (28.Five g) of fruit pectin crystals

•          7 cups (1400 g) of redpath® granulated sugar


 step 1

In a large pot, combine fruit, pectin, and lemon juice. Weigh down fruit the usage of potato masher or pastry cutter.

Step 2

Convey to a boil over excessive heat, stirring constantly.

Step three

Once the mixture is boiling, add the sugar and stir in. Allow boil for one minute, stirring continuously.

Step four

Eliminate from warmness and read foam off the top.

Step five

Pour into sterilized jars leaving 1 cm of area at the top. Seal and shop.

Chef’s tip

*this recipe works high-quality with strawberries however experience unfastened to strive other culmination. You could want to adjust the sugar to suit your tastes.

*you may use fresh or frozen strawberries and get excellent consequences with both.

Recipe #2: strawberry jam

With liquid pectin

•          four cups overwhelmed strawberries (about 2 quart containers strawberries)

•          7 cups sugar

•          1 pouch liquid pectin

Yield: about eight or 9 1/2-pint jars

Please study the usage of boiling water canners earlier than starting. If that is your first time canning, it’s miles endorsed which you examine principles of domestic canning.

Method: sterilize canning jars and prepare two-piece canning lids according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

To put together fruit. Type and wash completely ripe strawberries; put off stems and caps. Crush berries.

To make jam. Degree overwhelmed strawberries into a kettle. Upload sugar and stir properly. Place on excessive warmness and, stirring continuously, convey speedy to a complete boil with bubbles over the whole surface. Boil tough for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and stir in pectin. Skim.

Fill warm jam right away into warm, sterile jars, leaving ¼ inch headspace. Wipe rims of jars with a dampened smooth paper towel; adjust two-piece metallic canning lids. Manner in a boiling water canner.

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