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Have you lost someone in a property your own? Has this impacted negatively on the market value of the property? Has the property just become a hassle? If you answered yes to these questions, do not hesitate to put the property up for sale. Hiring a crime scene cleanup company to restore a home following a death, finding that your dream home was used as a meth lab, or maybe you are a landlord in another state and can’t deal with the cost of remediation, the best line of action to take is to sell off the property to reduce the workload. All of these mean that the property has been exposed to some form of contamination. 

However, there are companies that would buy the house as is. You don’t need to remediate or hire a crime scene cleanup company to clear the contamination on site. They will buy the house and perform the remediation themselves. 

If you were to put up your contaminated property up for sale, there are certain conditions that it needs to meet before it can qualify to enter the real estate market. First thing first, you will need to secure the services of a reputable company that offers crime scene cleanup. Be it blood, body fluids, harmful chemicals, or body tissues, these experts will perform an outstanding job. 

Why Sell a Contaminate House?

There are many reasons that may spur you into selling your contaminated property. These include


At times, you don’t want to disclose a particular death. In some states, it is mandatory that the property owner discloses any death that occurred in a property. It is a legal thing to do. Doing so makes the death public and gives anyone looking to purchase the property access to the right information. Despite being a dream home, some buyers will call off the deal due to this. For others, they might renegotiate a lower price. If you don’t want to disclose the death of a loved one or tenant, you can look up companies that buys these properties as is. Rest assured, they will keep the information discreet and away from public ears. 

Drug Lab

Another reason why you may want to sell a property is if it once served as a clandestine drug lab. To make it habitable, thorough decontamination work is needed. This requires hiring a professional crime scene cleanup company to perform the cleaning task. Sometimes, the cost of remediation might be on a high side due to the extensive decontamination work required. 

Extensive repair work

Sometimes, mold infestation might require extensive repair work to restore the property. If you can’t afford to fix the repair work in order to increase the resale value, you might as well put the house up for sale and leave the repair work for the new owner. 


Are you relocating and don’t have any close relation to help keep tabs on your property? Dealing with repairs and biohazard cleanup of a property far away from you can be overwhelming. Putting it up for sale helps you save time and travel costs. 

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