Mighty Matcha: Our Spin on “Titatinium Tea”

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ome years back, health and wellness expert Tim Ferriss unlocked the mysteries of the tea globe for numerous with his recommended early morning power drink, Titanium Tea. This antioxidant-rich concoction features pu-erh tea, an one-of-a-kind type originated from fermenting the fallen leaves of the Cameillia sinensis plant that is normally rich in probiotics, to name a few health-supporting components. Inspired by Ferriss’s production, we have established our own smooth-energy beverage perfect for your early morning start or mid-afternoon boost!

Mighty Matcha

Comparable to the original recipe, our Mighty Matcha is made from a mix of pu-erh tea, ginger, and turmeric with the addition of honey and also matcha to increase your power and your immune system.

Pu-erh Tea

Of the six real tea types, pu-erh teas are some of the most intriguing as well as special. Pu-erh teas, of which there are 2 kinds, are produced from fallen leaves that have been fermented either over as well as extended period of time or in a regulated environment for a much shorter duration. The process which the fallen leaves undergo permits the fallen leaves to develop helpful microorganisms that can help manage the digestive system as well as promote gut health and wellness. The fallen leaves of this kind are typically enabled to oxidize as long as black teas meaning they include a high caffeine web content that supplies the smooth lift in energy characteristic to tea.

Ginger and also Turmeric

Both seasonings frequently discovered in dishes around the world, ginger and also turmeric have long been made use of as natural remedies for every little thing from calming nausea to alleviating signs of the acute rhinitis. Coming from the exact same household, ginger as well as turmeric are chock-full of antioxidants and also other nutrients. Routine usage can increase your body immune system and maintain your body healthy and balanced.


Honey is among our preferred enhancements to tea. Not only does honey improve the special flavors in teas but it provides a number of wellness benefits too. High in anti-oxidants, honey can likewise enhance your immune system when taken in regularly. Local honey can even aid ward off seasonal allergic reactions by presenting regional plant pollens into your system.


The last part to our production: matcha! Matcha is generated by de-veining and also crushing Sencha tea delegates a great powder. This powder is after that mixed with hot water, and usually milk in western techniques, prior to being straight taken in. Because the fallen leaves are eaten, matcha supplies all the caffeine and also nutrients fundamental in the tea plant. This tea will certainly offer you a strong boost of energy, in addition to anti-oxidants, without the serious accident coffee can create.

Mighty Matcha


2 of our Pu-erh Pearls or 1 tbsp loose tea

1 tablespoon Turmeric Ginger

1 tsp Ceremonial Matcha

1 tsp Pollen Infused Honey or neighborhood honey

10 ounces warm water

milk or milk substitute (optional).


Steep Pu-erh Pearls and Turmeric Ginger at 212 ° F/100 ° C for 5 mins making use of an ingenuitea or chosen steeping tool.

Stress infusion into mug and stir in matcha and also honey.

Add milk if desired.

For a cold version, somewhat increase tea quantities and also stress over ice instead.

Beginning your early morning with a thumbs-up!

Our Mighty Matcha is the excellent concoction to obtain you started in the early morning and also guarantee that you won’t encounter a mid-morning crash. Try it out as well as this beverage will certainly become your brand-new morning favorite!

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