Improving oral care with teledentistry

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Patient expectations have evolved in ways never expected with the advent of digital transformation. Teledentistry, a subset of telehealth, is slowly gaining popularity because of its accuracy and effectiveness in screening, diagnosing, and therapeutic management of dental care in children and adults.

Recent studies suggest that the post-pandemic world has seen about 65 per cent of dental visits for post-treatment consultations or second opinions. Teledentistry brings a host of benefits, such as –

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  • Accessibility to quality care, especially in terms of hospitals, long-term care, remote areas, etc. 
  • Effective dental referrals, treatment planning and monitoring 
  • Feasibility and convenience are offered by the widespread adoption of smartphones and 

Access to quality care in pre- and post-treatment consultations is one of the biggest advantages of teledentistry. Besides reducing costs, it also saves patients the hassles and time required by a physical visit. Healthcare leaders and organisations are finally beginning to realise teledentistry’s role in improving access, delivery and financial aspects of oral health. It can also eliminate disparities based on region, economic or educational backwardness, etc. Today, teledentistry employs AR/VR technologies in conjunction with treatment programs to enhance dental experts’ capabilities. Physical visits are required only during on-site treatment procedures now. Patient triage, emergency evaluations, and post-operative and non-emergency orthodontic evaluations are conducted remotely. 

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