How To Use Desi Ghee For Cold And Cough And During Winter?

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Come the first draft of winter, and the harrowing wave of viral cold and cough hits everyone like wildfire.As one tries to get well as fast as possible, the first choice always goes to home remedies.

What if I tell you that Ghee, something that is in your kitchen all round, can be an effective and efficient remedy for cold and cough during winter ! The innate properties of ghee make it perfect as a ‘warm your body’ , ‘take care of yourself’ food.

Keep reading this article, to get to know the benefits of desi ghee for cold and cough, along with how to use desi ghee to combat the harsh winter effects.

Is Ghee Good for Cold and Cough?How to use Desi Ghee for Cold and Cough?How to use Desi Ghee during the Winter?FAQsConclusion

Is Ghee Good for Cold and Cough?

With it being the viral season and covid making a comeback, it is only fair that we come up with extra reinforcements too! What may seem like a midwife’s tale is actually an amazing tool to help alleviate the symptoms of cold and cough and deal with the harsh effect of winters on one’s body.

Ghee has been used in a variety of ways to help combat cold and cough symptoms since the olden times. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ghee is what makes it effective in treating cold and cough symptoms. This is what made ghee a staple in our kitchens.

How to use Desi Ghee for Cold and Cough?

There are multiple ways to use desi ghee to help with the ill effects of a cold and cough. Here are a few ways that you can use desi ghee to help tackle your nasal problems.

1. Make Energy Booster Ladoos

  • You will need Indian spices such as turmeric, black pepper, ginger, jaggery, and well of course our desi cow ghee.
  • Roll all of these ingredients together to form a ladoo.
  • Consume this ladoo every morning and at night.

This will help ward off your cough symptoms and at the same time give you an immunity boost. Giving these ladoos to kids who are suffering from cold and cough is a great and tasty way to boost their immunity.

2. Nasal drop therapy

According to Ayurveda, Nasya treatment helps deal with cold and cough in a very effective manner. ‘Nasya’ refers to the nasal administration of therapeutic oils.

Ghee can be administered in one’s nose using this Nasya technique.

This nasal technique helps combat the symptoms of nasal conditions such as rhinitis and sinus as well. It is a cleansing technique and a way to get rid of headaches, and migraines, and helps enhance breathing by strengthening the nasal passage.

It is advised to employ this technique only after consulting with an expert and under the supervision of an Aryuvedic expert.

3. Ghee and Pepper mix

When it has been days since cold and cough has been tormenting you , and nothing is helping you relieve the symptoms, here is where this ‘gharelu nushka’ comes to the rescue.

This simple ghee and pepper mix is to be consumed at night, right before sleeping and it will provide you with instant relief the next day.

This mix not only helps deal with the cold and cough symptoms but also gives an overall immunity boost to one’s body. It is also beneficial to consume it when suffering from indigestion.

How to consume it? Mix one teaspoon of desi cow ghee with half a teaspoon of black pepper. Make sure that you do not eat or drink anything after.

4. Lukewarm Milk with Ghee

Desi cow ghee, when consumed with warm milk at night, helps to soothe a sore throat and helps you get a restful sleep. It also gives your immunity a boost to fight against cold and cough symptoms.

How to consume? Take some lukewarm milk and add a teaspoon of ghee to it. You can also add half a teaspoon of turmeric to it to give yourself an extra boost.

Disclaimer: For people who are lactose intolerant or vegan, you can use warm water instead of milk.

5. Warm drops of ghee in nostrils

When you have a cold and cough for days, your nose becomes irritated and dry. Oftentimes, this becomes irritating too.

Rubbing some warm ghee in the nostrils can give you some instant relief and comfort.

How does Desi Ghee help during the Winter?

Have you ever wondered why our mothers use extra ghee during the winter? Well, it is because ghee acts as an extra shield that helps deal with the harsh effects of winter.

Here is why you should use ghee to deal with the winter blues in the most efficient way:

1. Helps you stay warm.

Consuming one spoonful of ghee every day helps keep your body warm and healthy. The healthy fat content of desi cow ghee helps your body generate warmth from within.

2. Helps to keep your hunger satiated.

We have all had many food cravings in winter. No matter how much food we consume, we are never satisfied and always crave more.

Adding ghee to your winter diet will help you stay full and help keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Ghee consumption will also help boost your metabolism.

3. Helps with Chapped lips and dry skin.

In winter we all get troubled with cracked lips and dry skin. Rather than investing in expensive lip balms and skin moisturizers, why not use something that you can just go and get from your kitchen?

Desi cow ghee is excellent to moisturise skin in dry winter weather. Ghee is loaded with vital fatty acids which help keep your dull skin healthy.

You can even massage your baby with desi cow ghee to lock the moisture in and keep their skin healthy and supple looking without using any moisturizers with harmful chemicals in them.

4. Helps Keep you energized.

Winters tend to make one lazy and dull all day long. All we wish to do is stay tucked in our beds and lay on the bed all day long.

Desi ghee is a good source of energy booster in such weather. Consuming ghee early during the day will keep you energized all day long.

FAQs: How To Use Desi Ghee For Cold And Cough And During Winter

How much ghee should you consume in winter?

Moderation is the key to getting the best benefits of any food. The recommended dosage of ghee for an adult is about 2-3 teaspoons full per day.

Can we apply cow ghee on hair in winter?

Winters make our hair more frizzy and dull. Cow ghee has vital fatty acids that will lock the moisture and nourish your scalp. It is also effective in keeping split ends at bay.


Ghee is a superfood that we all must add to our daily routine in the winter for a healthy and energized body. The benefits of using desi cow ghee for cold and cough are unbeatable.

At Two Brothers- our A2 Gir Desi cow ghee is made using fresh Gir cows’ milk that are free-grazed on our organic farms. Certified by ECOCERT, our quality product is exactly what you need to help you tackle your cold and cough symptoms during this viral season.

Try our Desi cow ghee and let us know how it helps you and your family fight the winter blues and the flu season.

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