How to Make Oolong Tea Like a Tea Master

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Oolong tea is among the most prominent teas in Asia and its appeal has been enhancing in the Western globe as individuals find its wide taste profile that makes each cup special.

With tastes ranging from fruity to nutty, and Asian brewing techniques that concentrate on making this tea with fantastic skill, oolong tea is just one of the best teas for those wanting to submerse themselves in tea society and also excellent taste.

Brew oolong tea as well as bask in the old beginnings of this true tea while taking in health advantages such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as increased weight-loss. Each brew is distinct and your taste will enjoy new flavors and scents with each mug.

What Is Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a true tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is frequently cultivated in China as well as Taiwan and recognized in China as “wulong,” implying black dragon. There are light oolongs, dark oolongs and eco-friendly oolongs, each with their own complexities and also aromas. A few of one of the most popular varieties include Milk Oolong and oolongs from the Fujian District including Da Hong Pao, Bai Jiguan, and also Tieguanyin.

These large taste accounts happen are mostly because oolong tea lands between environment-friendly and also black teas in regards to oxidation. While green tea has no oxidation as well as black tea is totally oxidized, oolong tea has varying degrees of oxidation ranging from 10 to 80 percent.

Oolong tea leaves are always whole and also are offered in loosened fallen leave tea as well as tea bag kinds. Rolled and also crinkled selections of oolong loosened tea are especially typical. Similar to various other true teas like eco-friendly and also black tea, each infusion results in brand-new flavors and fragrances, making this tea a fascinating experience that is always distinct.

Kinds Of Oolong Tea

Oolong teas vary in shade from light gold to deep brown as well as orange depending on the level of oxidation. Tastes can likewise vary greatly, however oolong tea is most often called fruity, nutty and vegetal with floral fragrances. Several of one of the most common selections are the Taiwanese Bai Ho, which uses clean as well as fruity tastes, the extremely oxidized Chinese Da Hong Pao, which results in an earthy, rich taste profile, and also Tung Ting, which is smooth and also nutty. Wuyi oolong is an additional prominent variety grown from several of the earliest tea plants worldwide. Real Wuyi oolongs are extremely pricey although less expensive selections grown in the exact same area a have actually lately emerged offering comparable taste.

Given that there are various kinds of oolong tea, there actually isn’t one ideal way to brew a mug of this piping hot reward. Various oxidation degrees and also the forms of the fallen leaves can have an effect on soaking time and correct brewing strategies. Make use of the complying with directions as a basic guideline and adjust each step to suit your favored oolong tea varietal.

Just How to Make Oolong Tea

Step 1: Choose a Tea Vessel

Oolong tea can be brewed making use of conventional Chinese strategies or the less complex Western method. Both methods have their very own benefits as well as lead to great-tasting oolong teas. The Chinese technique uses a much more total and robust tea alcohol consumption experience for lovers that delight in the background as well as society of tea. The Western method is better for novice tea customers and also those that desire to rapidly brew one cup and return to the jobs of the day.

Asian Developing Approach

Oolong tea is generally brewed the Chinese means using a yixing teapot or a gaiwan. These vessels are little, as well as utilize a focused quantity of oolong tea leaves. Fallen leaves are brewed for a short amount of time, however the process is duplicated a number of times for multiple tiny cups. Yixing pots and gaiwans are generally put on slotted bamboo trays for clean preparation and also easy serving.

Yixing Pot

A yixing teapot is a typical tea developing pot made from clay sourced from the Jiangsu district of China. Yixing teapots are designed for brewing oolong tea along with black tea, pu-erh tea and also white tea. The clay pots absorb tea with each steeping, leading to a layer that resembles the flavor and color of the tea.

Each teapot should only be utilized for one type of tea in order to ideal maintain and also establish the abundant taste profiles. You should additionally stay clear of washing yixing pots with soap given that this will dramatically alter the flavor layer and also result in less tasty tea mixtures.


A gaiwan is a lidded bowl without deals with that is utilized in addition to a dish to brew conventional Chinese teas. Established by the Ming empire, these tea vessels go back centuries as well as are commonly made of porcelain or glass. The large opening allows tea drinkers to aesthetically appreciate oolong tea mixtures while the polished surface area prevents flavor alterations if made use of to make various kinds of teas.

To make use of a gaiwan appropriately, hold the dish with your fingers under and thumb resting on top of the dish. Utilize your left hand to hold the lid as well as gently relocate the fallen leaves when alcohol consumption.

Western-Style Brewing

Oolong tea can additionally be prepared Western-style by just utilizing any teapot you have on hand. While the experience will not be as culturally full as the Chinese approach, the Western developing strategy enables you to delight in oolong tea also when you’re in a hurry.

Below, we’ll focus on the Oriental method of oolong tea brewing, however the Western technique can be made use of too. Simply focus on the appropriate quantities of tea, water temperature and also steeping times to get the best cup of oolong tea.

Step 2: Prepare Tea Leaves

We recommend developing oolong tea making use of loose leaves to establish the appropriate oolong flavors. You can still use oolong tea bag if you favor the convenience, however recognize that the top quality and also taste will likely be inferior to loosened fallen leave ranges.

Making a wonderful cup of oolong tea suggests using the correct amount of tea leaves for developing. We recommend making use of 1 tsp of balled fallen leaves or 2 tablespoons of loosened fallen leave oolong for each 6 ounces (0.17 kg) of water. Four our metric visitors, usage 2 grams of tea for every single 6 to 8 (.17 -.23 kg) ounces of water.

Step 3: Prepare Water

It’s important to use high quality water to accomplish the proper tastes and scents. Prevent pure water considering that it can taste level as well as doesn’t create tea flavors well. Tap water should additionally be stayed clear of since water therapy chemicals such as chlorine can influence preference. Instead, utilize filtered water or spring water for the very best results whenever feasible.

To develop the most effective flavor account of oolong tea, it’s best to use hot water that is simply reluctant of steaming. Purpose to heat your water to 180 or 200 F for developing. You can use a thermometer for the most precise temperature control or simply allow boiling water to cool down for a minute prior to including in your clay teapot or vessel.

When water reaches the correct temperature, load your gaiwan or yixing cup regarding halfway, swirl and then dispose of the water. This preliminary water is used to clean the leaves and also open them up for flavor launch. Next, fill your tea vessel up.

Tip 4: Steep

The basic guideline for oolong tea is to steep for 1 to 5 minutes. Longer soaking times can allow added tastes to develop for a richer, a lot more robust tea. It’s finest to enable leaves to high for 1 min and afterwards taste every 30 seconds to obtain the very best taste for your preferences. Put into tea mugs as well as take pleasure in!

Oolong tea is likewise commonly eaten in the West as an iced tea. Follow these exact same warm tea brewing strategies and afterwards permit the tea to cool down prior to serving. It’s best to stay clear of brewing with cool water for cold tea because the low tide temperature level doesn’t allow the full flavor profile to create.

Wellness Perks of Oolong Tea

Consuming oolong tea can help boost total wellness thanks to a high focus of anti-oxidants and nutrients located in the tea leaves. One of the most effective anti-oxidants in oolong tea is EGCG or epigallocatechin. EGCG has actually been shown to increase cardiovascular and metabolic health. Numerous Japanese researches have found that drinking five to six cups of oolong tea everyday can result in a reduced threat of cardiovascular disease as well as type 2 diabetes. Oolong tea provides safety results against these major disease thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants.

Consuming oolong tea might likewise lower your danger of a cardiac arrest or blood clot thanks to anti-inflammatory properties. Oolong tea contains substances that aid to decrease inflammation of arteries and also capillary. This assists to lower high blood pressure and avoid blood clots from occurring. Consuming oolong tea also improves your tea polyphenols, which have been shown to protect heart health.

When you consume alcohol oolong tea, you might additionally reduce your cholesterol degrees. Some research studies have revealed that regular tea usage helps to decrease poor LDL cholesterol and boost healthy HDL cholesterol. By consuming tea daily, you might have the ability to increase heart wellness and also fend off significant ailment. Study aslo reveals that oolong tea may manage blood glucose, thanks to its modest quantity of high levels of caffeine.

Like herbal teas, oolong tea has a high focus of vitamins and minerals. Amongst these are vitamin C, which aids promote overall immune wellness. Consuming alcohol a mug of oolong tea on a regular basis can aid protect against the acute rhinitis and flu.

Adverse Effects Of Oolong Tea


Females that are expectant or breastfeeding needs to not take in more than 2 mugs of oolong tea daily. Oolong tea has a modest high levels of caffeine web content that can cause negative effects consisting of nausea and dizziness.It can additionally create indigestion for babies that are nursing. Experts recommend that pregannat ladies limit their caffeine consumption to 200mg per day.

High levels of caffeine Sensitivity

Oolong tea has concerning half the quantity of high levels of caffeine as a standard mug of coffee. if you are delicate to caffeine, you ought to prevent alcohol consumption oolong tea. Drinking way too many cups of oolong tea can also cause severe side effects. Too much caffeine can cause an uneven heart beat, enhanced irritation, as well as indigestion.

Bone Health

Oolong tea might avoid calcium as well as iron absorption in the body. This can cause problems for individuals that have osteoporosis as it might lower bone mineral thickness. Consult a health care professional if you have a bone disease that might be impacted prior to you drink tea.

Make Drinking Tea An Immersive Experience

Oolong tea is an increasingly preferred drink as well as allows advanced tastes to enjoy a wide variety of flavor accounts many thanks to various oxidation degrees. The charm of oolong tea is that it is soaked in centuries of practice and also can be taken in using techniques and also methods that originate from ancient dynasties. With varieties ranging from Taiwanese oolongs to Chinese oolongs, flavors and also colors can be turned into light tinted mixtures and also dark oolongs depending on personal choice.

You can develop a complete Chinese tea ceremony experience, called gong fu, by preparing tea sets as well as paying attention to water temperature, tea top quality and developing times. Prepare oolong tea and also prepare to delight in the special preference that each mug produces.

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