How To Include CBD Into Your Daily Coffee Routine?

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 Have you heard the phrase, ‘opposites attract’? Well, that’s the case with this combination! On common terms, you cannot expect people to be knowledgeable about the coffee and CBD combination, but the desire to consume this infusion is quite high!

Even though these two ingredients are opposites to one another, the infusion has been practically observed to help people with reduced anxiety levels and experience chronic pain relief. Not just that, but CBD infused coffee is said to combat insomnia as well.

The ultimate understanding is some opposites might turn out very well when brought together. So, keeping that in mind, if a cup of CBD coffee interests you, let’s dive deeper into this blend and learn how you can perfectly infuse these two ingredients.

What Type of CBD Oil is Ideal for a Coffee Infusion?

The key to making an ideal infusion is picking the right hemp-derived products first. You must know how to pick the best of them in order to reap the maximum benefits of the blend. Since the time CBD oils were made available for people, there have been several new products introduced to the market. Thus, you have a lot of options to choose from!

But, when you have plans on making a CBD coffee infusion, you don’t have to spend much time exploring the various CBD oil options. Instead, you can go with a CBD oil tincture for the job. You must know that CBD oil tinctures are blended with no frills in them and is the most straightforward way for you to consume CBD.

You either drop the tincture oil directly under the tongue or add the same to your favorite recipes or food. The CBD oil tincture bottles often come with a dropper to let you know how much quantity you use every time. Look out for the best products with good reviews and ratings that you can consider for your coffee infusion.

In case you want to make your own CBD oil for the coffee infusion, there are steps you can follow for the same, which includes:

  • Grind the preferred marijuana strain and then place the mix evenly over the oven pan. Now, cover the marijuana mix with tin foil.
  • Bake the same at low heat, possibly around 220 degrees Celsius, for the next 40 minutes or an hour.
  • Now, you can mix ground cannabis with the use of carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil.
  • Once done, pour that mixture into the saucepan along with just one cup of water. Now, simmer the same for the next three hours.
  • As the mixture is now ready, strain the same to get rid of the excess stems and leaves. Your CBD oil is ready, and it can safely be stored for the next one to two months.

Remember, it isn’t mandatory for you to make your own CBD oil or tincture, as you can always buy the best product from reputed stores and get along with preparing your coffee without waiting for hours to make a homemade tincture.

What Type of Coffee is Ideal for CBD Infused Coffee?

When you are planning on combining coffee with hemp-derived products, it is important you pay attention to choosing both ingredients with utmost consideration. In general, when you plan on choosing the right coffee beans for your taste buds and satisfaction, you look out for the tasting notes and the origin country to decide on authenticity and quality.

It is believed that dark roast coffee beans have the most amount of caffeine because of their strong taste. But that’s a myth because the most amount of caffeine is present in the light roasted beans. It is because they have been roasted for the shortest time.

Irrespective of what type of beans or coffee you usually prefer, for a CBD infused coffee, you must go with either medium or dark roast beans to add a robust flavor to your blend.

What are the Steps to Infuse Coffee with CBD Oil?

You are now having the supply of your CBD oil, and the next step is to start preparing your coffee. Irrespective of what type of coffee you love to drink, whether dark or light, get the beans accordingly.

Most people might think preparing a CBD infused coffee is just about putting a few drops of the oil tincture into your cup of coffee. But that’s not it, as you will need a French press or infuser mug to acquire the best results.

You must take note of the appropriate dosage, which is 1 ml of CBD oil tincture for every 6 oz of coffee. Now, you know the measure of your cup and the amount of coffee you consume in one serving. So, keep the dosage in mind!

The appropriate steps for making this infusion of coffee with CBD oil are:

  • ● Grind all your coffee beans until they are medium-coarse. Now, put 2 tbsp of the same into your French press or infuser mug.
  • ● Add 1 ml of your CBD oil tincture to the filter of the infuser mug or directly into the French press. Mix the ingredients well until the blend is perfect.
  • ● Now, pour some boiling water into the French press or infuser mug.
  • ● In case you are using infuser mugs, cover the same with a lid and wait for the next 5 minutes. But for French presses, you must press the coffee grounds down to the extreme bottom and then wait for around 3 to 5 minutes.
  • ● Your CBD infused coffee is now ready for you to pour and enjoy.

Bottom Line

It is believed drinking a cup of CBD infused coffee can help you enhance your focus, lower your anxiety, and keep you energized throughout the day. Not only that, but some doctors even recommend patients have this mixture to attain effective recovery from neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, migraines, chronic epilepsy, some cancers, and others.

In short, you can now conclude that these opposites do attract each other, and there are several recipes out there for making this CBD coffee infusion even more delightful. Whether you want to add fresh nutmeg or blend the CBD coffee with pumpkin & cinnamon spice, there is an abundance of recipes to try out.

So, get yourself the best CBD oil tincture and desired coffee beans to prepare your infusion in no time!

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