5 Unexpected Habits That Are Harming Your Oral Health 

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Taking care of your teeth and gums doesn’t only mean regular brushing and flossing, routine dental checkups, or multiple teeth cleaning sessions each year. It’s not always about the things you do. Sometimes, it’s the things that you avoid doing that serve your oral health the best. 

Growing up as children, we’ve all been taught by our parents not to do certain things if we wish to preserve our teeth. For example, not to eat too much chocolate and ice cream, bite on hard objects, or grind our teeth. However, as we grow up, we’re surprised to find out that some of the habits that are lurking in our daily routine and seem harmless at first are in fact what’s causing our oral health to deteriorate. 

Let’s set aside the usual suspects for a moment and investigate the hidden culprits that could silently be ruining our oral health. 

1- Chewing Ice 

If you have sensitive teeth, you’re probably wondering who in their right mind would chew ice! Apparently, many people do. For most, chewing ice can be a way to relieve thirst and beat the heat or just as a habit after they’ve finished off a beverage. 

You may be thinking ice is just frozen water. How could it be harmful? Just remember that blenders need special blades to crush ice. What about teeth? Any dentist in Dubai Marina will tell you that this icy habit can lead to pain in the jaw and wear down your enamel by causing small cracks that build up over time. These cracks eventually result in a weaker tooth and bacteria entering the pulp, causing infection. 

2- Biting Fingernails 

People go through a lot of stress on a daily basis and some individuals resort to some poor habits to vent off. Biting fingernails happens almost unconsciously; therefore, it can be hard to control sometimes, but repeating this habit over and over again can have adverse effects on your teeth and overall oral health. 

Fingernails are made up of a material called alpha-keratin, which is very tough and rigid. Therefore, biting them slowly wears down your teeth and could eventually cause them to chip or break. Also, if you go as far as chewing your fingernails, the pressure from the chewing can gradually loosen your teeth.

On another note, our fingers pick up a lot of bacteria during the day, which get trapped underneath our fingernails. The more you bite your fingernails, the more you expose your mouth to harmful bacteria which could cause an infection. 

3- Brushing Too Hard or Too Often 

This is a common misconception. Some people think that they’re doing their teeth a favor – cleaning and whitening them a bit better – by brushing them harder or brushing 10 times a day. Brushing and flossing your teeth is undeniably necessary, but don’t overdo them. 

Excessive tooth brushing does more harm than good. It wears down the tooth enamel and causes the gums to bleed as a result of small cuts. Over time, this negative habit can lead to some serious dental complications, such as cavities, sensitivity, and gum irritation. 

The healthy way to go about brushing your teeth is by gently applying pressure with your toothbrush and moving circularly. It is also recommended by the best orthodontist in Dubai to use a soft-bristled brush as you gradually practice disposing of this habit. 

4- Using Teeth As Tools 

Sometimes, teeth can be used as impromptu tools when nothing else is at hand (e.g. ripping open packages, opening bottles, or tearing tape). However, teeth are really only meant for chewing food. 

Using your teeth as a go-to tool is a dangerous habit that could not only cut your gums but may even lead to breaking a part of your tooth. This would then require cosmetic dentistry to repair, which isn’t cheap and doesn’t feel that good when it’s imposed on you. 

5- Neglecting The Tongue 

Did you know that your tongue needs cleaning just as much as your teeth? Well, now you do. And here’s why: 

Ignoring your tongue isn’t just about bad breath. The bacteria that thrive there can contribute to gum disease, alter taste perception, and even lead to fungal infections. Regularly cleaning your tongue with a soft brush or scraper helps fight these issues, keeping your breath fresh, your taste buds happy, and your mouth healthy.

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