4 Easy Steps For a Healthy Skin Care Routine

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They say that the skin is a mirror that shows how the internal self is doing. There are different functions that are being carried out in our bodies at the same time. The skin is the largest organ of the body and at the same time is the most ignored and taken for granted. To take good care of your skin you need to know the type of your skin.

According to the best skin specialist in Islamabad, there are three major types of skin. Combination, oily and dry. The reasons for your bad skin can be your cosmetics or the other products that you are applying to your face. Maybe there are products that do not suit your skin type. These instead of curing can make your skin look worse.

You need to have a proper skincare routine and should incorporate it into your daily life. It is very important to maintain your skin and for that reason, you need to know about the proper 4 steps that are needed. These include;

  • Cleansing

You need to buy a cleanser that can take out all the dirt from your face. When we use makeup or go out there is a lot of dirt and make-up particles that get stick to the surface of the skin. This when goes deep into the skin can make the skin sensitive and causes acne and pimples.

Choose a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. For proper cleansing use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Ones that don’t dry out your skins are the best to use. It is okay to use a cleanser twice a day for better results. If you have oily or dry skin try and avoid wearing make-up. Wash the cleanser properly off of the face. Choose a cleanser that doesn’t make the oils from the face dry out.

  • Use of Serum

Serums are very thin layers f different nutrients mixed with some acids and oils. These are also meant to be chosen according to the skin type. Use a serum that is containing vitamin C or peptides in the morning routine and use it after applying the cleanser. It is very important for the serums to work on the skin and for that matter you need to wear a layer of sunscreen on the serum. At night time, try to use retinol as it helps with acne prone skin a lot and keeps the bad sebum away from the face.  

Vitamin C and E are the most effective when used in the form of serums and give the best results when topped up with some moisturizer and sunscreen.

  • Get a Moisturizer

Just like our body needs water to survive likewise there is something needed by the skin to get hydrated. That is called a moisturizer. Now according to your skin type, it is very important to choose the best one for your skin. For oily skins, it is very beneficial to use water-based moisturizers as they work the best. For dry skin, a little sticky and gel-like moisturizers are the best. For combination skin, a mix of both thick and water-like moisturizer is the best.

  • Sunscreen

The most neglected and the most underrated part of the skincare routine is hands down the sunscreen part. You need to check the SPF correctly before applying it. There has to be SPF30 at least for securing your skin. You need to be worried about wearing it only at the time of going out. It is necessary to eat it even when you are sitting at home. But make sure to apply it 30 minutes before leaving the house so that it is activated in your skin.

The darker skin complexions need more protection than the lighter ones. It is extremely important to wear a layer of sunscreen in order to save your skin from all types of skin cancer.


The skin is the most sensitive part of the body that is visible to everyone, that is why it is called the outer layer, the wrapper. Make sure to take care of it by the following morning and nighttime skincare routine.

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